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Orlando's Lawn Maintenance & More Experts

Red Bud Landscaping & Irrigation has a wide variety of services available to clients to help keep their property looking its best.

Schedule a Clean Up
No matter the size of the project, our team is here to help with your cleanup and repair needs.

Our Cleanup Services include:
  • Blow-out leaves & light debris
  • Remove weeds and twigs
  • Edge landscape and flower beds to your preference
  • Add a fresh topping of mulch on all beds, approximately 2 inches deep
  • Dispose of any debris and weeds collected
We're here to help throughout the growing season, and can also take care of tree and shrub trimming and weed control. Let our experts refresh your yard today!
Irrigation Inspections, Repairs & Installation
Is your sprinkler system not working as efficiently as it should?
Are you looking to invest in a sprinkler system?

A sprinkler system will give your grass and flowers the perfect amount of water, without waste, for a fresh and thriving lawn. Avoid brown and dry spots in your yard with our efficient irrigation services. Our experienced technicians can inspect, repair and install sprinkler systems of all varieties.

We use brand name equipment to provide 100% coverage of your yard and include a 2 year warranty with our irrigation services! We also provide monthly maintenance and repair to give our clients the best service.
Sod Installation
Whether you’re looking for first time sod installation or would like it re-done, we will be sure to use the best sod for your yard.

We have several types of sod available including St. Augustine, Seville, Zoysia, Floratam and more. We’re also here to help with all of your re-sodding needs.

Our team of experts is available to assess your yard to find the perfect sod to complement your property and turn your yard into an oasis.
Landscaping Design, Installation & Tree Trimming
Not only will we install your landscaping requests, but our experts will create the perfect landscape design for your yard. We can customize your property, no matter the size, any way you’d like including designing flower beds, trimming overgrown trees, and more.

Once your vision is in place, we follow up monthly to ensure that your lawn stays in top shape. We can work with your budget to design an outdoor living space that you love, without breaking the bank!
Commercial & Residential Lawn Maintenance
For our commercial clients, we understand you want to maintain a manicured and professional look. This is why we offer a service to make weekly visits to mow, edge and weed your lawn. In addition to this, we can add appeal to your space with flower beds upon request.

Residential clients have the option of weekly, monthly or periodic visits from our team to ensure that your lawn is receiving proper maintenance. Similarly to our commercial clients, we will mow, edge and trim your lawn as well as provide erosion control if that is bothersome. We will also help you get ready for the spring seasons with our cleanup services.
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